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Seminars & Workshops

Departmental Seminar Schedule | Student Seminar Schedule

Departmental Seminar Schedule for Fall 2016
** Held in Hunter 100 on Thursdays at 4:00pm. **


18 Annual Department Picnic


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor
1 Robert Gilliard - Case Western Reserve "N-Heterocyclic Carbenes:  Effective Tools for Small Molecule Stabilization" Steve Creager
8 Seminar postponed
15 Vince Remcho - Oregon State University "Building Tools to Provide Answers to Hard Questions" George Chumanov
22 Narayan Hosmane - Northern Illinois University "Dendritic and Nanostructured Boron Compounds for Cancer Therapy" Joe Thrasher


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor
6 Mark Wightman - UNC Chapel Hill "Chemical Monitoring of Neurotransmission with Microelectrodes" Steve Creager

Special Seminar - 2PM - Kinard 201

Henry (Fritz) Schaefer - University of Georgia

"Density Cumulant Functional Theory:  Methods, Applications, and Future Directions" Joe Thrasher
13 Zachary Schultz - University of Notre Dame "Plasmonic Enhancements for Bioanalysis" George Chumanov
20 Luis Colon - SUNY Buffalo "Material Chemistry from a Chromatographic Perspective" Ken Marcus
27 Robert Lascola - Savannah River National Lab "Spectroscopic and Advanced Manufacturing Techniques for Improved Nuclear Materials Processing" George Chumanov


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor
3 Scott Iacono - United States Air Force Academy "ROMP-ing Around with Fulvenes:  Designing Light Harvesting Materials from Cross-Conjugated Systems" Joe Thrasher
10 Robert Foster - Miller Coors "Clemson University EPR/ESR Brewing Process and Flavor Stabillity Presentation" Julia Brumaghim

Special Seminar -2PM -Kinard 201

Viola Birss - University of Calgary

"Nanoscale Templates and Scaffolds for Electrochemical Applications" Steve Creager
17 Derrick Quarles - Applied Spectra "Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) & Laser Ablation (LA) - A Powerful Tool for Spatially-Selective Chemical Analysis" Ken Marcus


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor


Departmental Seminar Schedule for Spring 2017


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor
Classes Begin    
12 Joe Kolis - Clemson University "Chrysalis to Butterfly:  Evolution at 10 Nanometers" Joe Thrasher
26 Seminar canceled


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor
2 Weihong Tan - University of Florida TBA Jeff Anker
9 Ken Marcus - Clemson University "Professional Development of Students Through Research:  Chemical Instrumentation from Atoms to Antibodies" Carlos Garcia
16  Mei Hong - MIT TBA Leah Casabianca
23 Christian Hilty - Texas A & M TBA Leah Casabianca


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor
2 Uttam Tambar - University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center "Stereoselective Functionalization of Unactivated Hydrocarbons" Dan Whitehead
9 Wei You - UNC Chapel Hill TBA Andy Tennyson
16 Richard Crooks - University of Texas at Austin  TBA  Carlos Garcia
20-24 Spring Break    
30 Norberto Guzman TBA Carlos Garcia


Day Speaker Topic Sponsor
2-6 ACS San Francisco
13 Thomas Albrecht-Schmitt - Florida State University TBA Modi Wetzler
20 Eugenia Kharlampieva - University of Alabama  TBA Dvora Perahia
27 Steve Damo - Fisk University TBA Julia Brumaghim


These seminars are open to anyone interested and will be held in the Hunter Laboratories Auditorium Room 100 on Thursdays at 4:00pm.. For any further information, please contact George Chumanov ( or telephone (864) 656-2339.


Student Seminar Schedule For Fall 2016

Physical and Analytical Chemistry Student Seminar Program
CH851 (section 2) Analytical/Physical Student Seminar:

Date Speaker Title
Sept. 13 Yinling (Linna) Liu "An Introduction to Principal Components Analysis and its Application"
Sept. 20 
Oct. 11  Xiaoyan Yang TBA
Nov. 1  Manjula Senanayake TBA
Nov. 15 Yamin Liu TBA

Organic/Inorganic Chemistry Student Seminar Program
CH 851 Organic-Inorganic Seminar:

Date Speaker Title
August 26 No Seminar - ACS - Philadelphia
September 2
September 9
September 16 Dr. Thrasher - Kickoff meeting
September 23 
September 30 Mohammed Abbas - Proposal Seminar (Brumaghim group) "Synthesis, characterization, and study the antioxidant action of novel Ru(II) complexes that contain imidazole thiones and selones derivatives"
October 14
October 21 Maria Swasy - Proposal Seminar (Whitehead group) "Development and Applications of Iodoarene Peptide Catalysts for Asymmetric Organic Transformations"
October 28 Anthony Santilli - Literature Seminar (Whitehead group) "Chemistry Surrounding the Origin of Life"
November 4 Fan Yang - Proposal Seminar  (Sun group) "Preparations and Studies of Carbon Dots as Nano-Probes"
November 11 Changjun Gong - Research Seminar (Arya group) "Targeting DNA and RNA using small molecules"
November 18 Rylan Terry - Research Seminar (Kolis group) "Hydrothermal Crystal Growth of Optical Materials"
November 25 No Seminar - Thanksgiving
December 2 Deanna Pollard - Literature Seminar (Brumaghim group) "NikR:  Investigation into the Versatility of a Nickel DNA-Binging Protein"
December 9 No Seminar - Final Exams

Student Seminar Schedule For Spring 2017

Physical and Analytical Chemistry Student Seminar Program
CH851 (section 2) Analytical/Physical Student Seminar:

Date Speaker Title
Feb 14 Dallas Roe TBA
Feb 21 Ankoma Anderson TBA
March 7 Gretchen Schober TBA
March 14 Lisi Wang TBA
March 20-24 Spring Break
March 28 Saheed Bukola and Yamin Liu TBA
April 4 Supun Samindra and Lei Wang TBA
April 18 Maria Karabin and Yunzhi Zhang TBA
April 25 Erina Hoshi and Apeksha Rajamanthrilage TBA

Organic/Inorganic Chemistry Student Seminar Program
CH 851 Organic-Inorganic Seminar:

Date Speaker Title
January Dr. Joseph Thrasher - Kickoff Meeting

Proposal Seminars
Date, Seminar Speaker

Dates reserved for candidate final serminar
Date, Seminar Speaker:

The Physical/Analytical seminars are held on Tuesdays from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM in Hunter100.

The Inorganic/Organic seminars are held on Fridays from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM in
Hunter 100.

Attendance of all graduate students is required.