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Clemson's internationally respected Chemistry faculty are active researchers and teachers in the traditional areas of chemistry including inorganic, organic, physical, and analytical chemistry as well as in interdisciplinary areas such as chemical education and fullerene chemistry.

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Dr. Bill Pennington, Department Chair

Adjunct Faculty

Christensen, Kenneth
Desmarteau, Darryl
Eanes, Mehtap
Gloor, Brian
Grest, Gary
Hanks, Timothy
Hennig, Mirko
Iacono, Scott
Matsnev, Andrii
Sanjeewa, Duminda

Lecturers / Instructors

Cox, Mycia
Ennis, Elliot
Geiculescu, Olt Emil
Hickman, Tom
Houjeiry, Tania
Kitaygorodskiy, Alex
Lanni, Laura
Lewis, Barbara
McMillen, Colin
McWhorter, Will
Plampin, James
Schroeder, Jacob
Schvaneveldt, Stephen
Taylor, Dennis
Wetzler, Modi