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George Chumanov

Dr. George Chumanov Professor
Analytical Chemistry

Phone: (864) 656-2339
Office: 116 Biosystems Research Complex

Research Interests | Publications

Dr. Chumanov received his B.S at Moscow Engineering Physics Institute and his Ph.D. (1988) from Moscow State University with Prof. Edward Manykin working in the field of optics and spectroscopy of biomolecules. He was a Postdoctoral Associate at Iowa State University with Prof. T. M. Cotton were he conducted research in bioanalytical applications of Raman spectroscopy. In the last five years, Dr. Chumanov held Research Scientist I position at Ames Laboratory USDOE, where he studied photoinduced electron transfer processes at interfaces.

Research Interests

Dr. Chumanov's research consists of three parts:

1).Preparation and modification of different nanoparticles, including one-, two- and three-dimensional regular structures; investigation of their properties using different spectrochemical techniques together with optical, electron, atomic force and scanning tunneling microscopy; and development of new materials and devices for environmental and biomedical diagnostic applications. The focus is on the preparation, investigation and applications of materials reduced to nanosize (10-7­10-8 meters) dimensions. Such nanomaterials exhibit remarkable chemical and physical properties, many of which have yet to be unveiled. The potential for discovering new principles, ideas and devices of significant practical value drives research in this field. Dr. Chumanov's focus is on metal, metal/semiconductor and metal/dielectric hybrid nanoparticles, which exhibit unique optical properties due to the excitation of so-called plasmon resonances (plasmons). Plasmons can be effectively tuned by changing the size, shape, composition and local environment of nanoparticles. These characteristics make nanoparticles ideal building blocks for the next generation of optical materials, electronic and photonic devices.

2). A broad application of solar cells as a significant energy source requires a balance between cost, stability and efficiency. Rapid evolution of lead halide perovskite solar cells, specifically by increasing power conversion efficiency, brought new potentials for their practical applications. It is well recognized that the quality of perovskite films plays an important role in achieving high efficiency solar cells. We are now trying to use the nanoparticles synthesized in our lab as a simple, reliable and scalable materials for the fabrication of high fabricate efficient planar perovskite solar cells with different structure

3). Consumers, industry, and government are increasingly asking for materials that are made from sustainable and renewable resources that are plentiful in nature and biodegradable. Natural cellulose based products like wood; cotton and rope have been used for thousands of years.  In controlled sulfuric acid hydrolysis, cellulose chains in less ordered or amorphous domains can be decomposed leaving the highly crystalline domain intact.  These highly crystalline cellulose domains are usually in nanometer width and 0.1-2µm length, which are commonly called cellulose nanocrystals (CNC). Derived from the most abundant polymer in nature, CNC are among the most exciting cutting edge materials. Researchers have reported their applications in reinforcing natural and synthetic polymers, paper coating and packaging science. As well as potential applications like antibacterial films, liquid crystals, biomedical implants and many others. Effective methods for transform cellulose into chemicals are gasification, pyrolysis, liquefaction and solidification. Our research now is to test the possibility of using cellulose nanocrystals in a hydrothermal reaction to synthesis carbon nanaotubes, characterize the products from hydrothermal treatment of CNC and their derivatives and then explain how can CNC react into carbon nanotubes.



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