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Alex Kitaygorodskiy

Dr. Alex KitaygorodskiyLecturer
NMR Facility Director

Phone: (864) 656-0611
Office: 473 Hunter Laboratories


Dr. Kitaygorodskiy earned his first degree (M. Sc.) from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 1975. In 1979 he received his Ph.D. (Candidate of Science) working at Institute of Chemical Physics (Academy of Sciences, USSR) with the late Prof. K. I. Zamaraev.  He continued to work in the Institute of Chemical Physics until 1991.  All these years his research was inseparably linked to NMR.  In 1992 Alex and his family moved to the US.   He spent two years in Atlanta at Emory University and in 1994 accepted a position of NMR Director at Clemson University.  His publication list includes almost 100 refereed papers.


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