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Jacob Schroeder

Jacob SchroederLecturer
General and Organic Chemistry

Phone: (864) 656-1666
Office: 273 Hunter Laboratories


Dr. Schroeder received his B.S. degree in Chemistry (2002) from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology. He then obtained his M.S. degree in Organic Chemistry (2005) at Iowa State University under the direction of Dr. George Kraus. This research utilized halogen-metal exchange reactions to synthesize biologically active natural products. He later obtained his PhD in Chemistry (emphasis in Chemical Education) at Iowa State University (2008) under the direction of Dr. Tom Greenbowe. Much of this research centered on reforming the undergraduate Organic Chemistry curriculum with a specific focus on the undergraduate laboratory. He then completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Clemson University with Dr. Krishna Madhavan in the area of cyberinfrastructure. He went back to Iowa State University for a post-doctoral fellowship with Dr. Tom Holme to work with the American Chemical Society’s Examinations Institute. He returned to Clemson to join the faculty in 2010.
Dr. Schroeder’s primary research interests involve cognition and educational psychology, developing new collaborative discovery-based laboratory experiments, integrating innovative technologies in the classroom, and developing outreach programs to promote chemistry to the general public. Secondary interests are History and the history of chemistry instruction, most notably laboratory development during the early 1900’s. He has taught numerous courses for both chemistry majors and non-majors, has served as an undergraduate organic chemistry laboratory coordinator, and was awarded the Iowa State University Teaching Excellence award. He also wrote a laboratory manual for organic chemistry that is currently being used at Iowa State University. He is an active member of the American Chemical Society (DivCHED) and the National Science Teacher’s Association, and a professional member of Alpha Chi Sigma.
In his free time he enjoys playing electric, bass, and acoustic guitar and going anywhere to see live music and music festivals. He also enjoys doing almost anything outdoors, including hiking, fishing, camping, and mountain biking.


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Academic Presentations

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(This poster was selected for the Sci-Mix poster presentation held on March 22)

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