Hendrix Photos and Diagrams

Below are photos, diagrams, and occupancy notes for Hendrix indoor spaces. We encourage you to place your reservation request as far in advance as possible. We accept requests up to one year in advance.

The below occupancy notes including tables assumes 8 chairs per table.

212 Conference Room Image

Includes large conference table for 10-15 people (additional chairs may be requested with cost as space allows.)

Atrium Image

Can fit approximately 12 tables without chairs.

Additional occupancy information will be determined based on nature of event.

Click Here for Atrium Diagram

Ballroom Image


Ballroom A OR Ballroom B

370 standing room only, 260 with chairs, 120 including 15 tables with chairs

Ballroom A AND B

740 standing room only, 500 with chairs, 240 including 30 tables with chairs

Click Here for Ballrooms A and B Diagram

Multiuse Room Image


290 standing room only, 210 with chairs, 88 including 9 tables with chairs

Click Here for David Peebles Room Diagram

McKissick Image


150 seats available

*Please note that reservations require that the client provide an official movie license before event can be confirmed.

Includes small conference table and at least 8 chairs

Meeting Room Image


Meeting Room A

203 standing room only, 165 with chairs, 72 including 9 tables with chairs

Meeting Room B

250 standing room only, 180 with chairs, 80 including 10 tables with chairs

Meeting Rooms A&B

490 standing room only, 350 with chairs, 160 including 20 tables with chairs

Click Here for Meeting Rooms A and B Diagram

*Please note that the Hendrix Student Lounge is not available for reservations.