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TigerOne ID Services

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Get Your TigerOne ID

Get your first TigerOne ID or transfer your TigerOne Mobile ID to a new device.

Building Access

While some buildings are open to the public without ID access, throughout campus, you will encounter various access control readers that will require you to tap your TigerOne ID to gain entry.

Pay with TigerStripe

Through the utilization of TigerStripe, cardholders can purchase various provisions on and off campus with their TigerOne ID without having to carry cash or other cards.

Meal Plans and Paw Points

Meal Plan and Paw Point sales have moved to StarRez. See the link below for more details.

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Get Your Student ID

Students are eligible for their first ID at no charge. Both the Mobile ID and Physical ID are considered Official University IDs, and your initial selection is considered your first free ID.

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Free Grubhub+ For Tigers

Get Grubhub+ at no cost when you link your TigerOne ID

Link your TigerOne ID in the Grubhub app to get Grubhub+ and get unlimited $0 delivery fees at your favorite restaurants nationwide on eligible orders, exclusive rewards, and more. To sign up, open your Grubhub app, select 'Account', then select 'Campus dining'. After you link your Clemson credentials and TigerOne ID, you will be automatically enrolled in the Grubhub+ program at no cost during the entire period that you are a Student, Faculty, or Staff! Please note, you must have a TigerStripe or Paw Points account open to link your TigerOne ID. To open a no-fee TigerStripe account, visit and select "Open Account".

About Grubhub+
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New Year, New Photo

Did you know that you can update your official Clemson identification photo every year? Keep your TigerOne Mobile ID photo up-to-date by submitting a new photo online!

Upload a New Photo
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Your TigerOne ID.
Now on your Android device.

Mobile ID for Android
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Your TigerOne ID.
Now on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Mobile ID for Apple
TigerOne ID Services
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