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TigerOne ID Services

After Hours Support

When Can I Request After Hours Support?

After Hours Support should only be requested in a true emergency. The business hours are Monday through Friday from 8AM - 4:30PM. Anytime outside of that window is consdered after hours. 

Unsecured exterior doors that cannot be locked by the BSC utilizing the Access Control software is the only defined emergency that warrants after hours action. Cardholder access issues and physical door obstructions are not considered emergencies. BSCs must exhaust their methods of resolution with the Access Control software before contacting CUPD.

BSCs should follow the steps below when a door needs to be secured after hours:

  1. The BSC or the BSC backup should first try to resolve the issue using their Access Control tools. Issues that can be resolved using these tools (schedule overrides, cardholder management) will not be addressed by TigerOne after hours and are the responsibility of the BSC.
  2. If the situation is considered an emergency, and the BSC cannot resolve the issue with the door using Genetec, the BSC should then contact CUPD at 864-656-2222. Please be detailed in the description of your issue.
  3. CUPD will assess the situation. If it is determined that TigerOne should be contacted, CUPD will notify A3. 

NOTE: You may be contacted by CUPD in regard to calls received in relation to your building. In this situation, you may need to perform tasks in the Access Control software and/or provide building specifics to CUPD to include door number, door schedules or cardholder access. TigerOne does not respond to email requests after hours.