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TigerOne ID Services

Door and Camera Support

TigerOne is excited to announce a new partnership in door maintenance with Clemson Facilities. In partnership with Facilities and A3, we hope to achieve more efficient procedures in providing door repair service. 

BSCs play a vital role in determining the triage of support for doors that require service. Whereas service requests previously were triaged to TigerOne, you will now enter many of these requests directly into the Facilities Aim ticket system. 

All camera support will continue to route to TigerOne. 

Where Should I Submit My Request?

Determine if the issue is with the Configuration or with Door Hardware. All configuration issues should continue to go to All door hardware issues will now need to be submitted to the Facilities AiM ticket system. See below for examples of what will still be routed to TigerOne versus what will now go to Facilities.


  • Schedule change requests
  • Camera support
  • Cardholder group changes
  • Door, cardholder group, and camera name changes
  • Automation
  • Software questions
  • Map configurations
  • New users and privilege changes
  • Credential questions
  • Alarms


  • Door and reader hardware
  • ADA button or operator
  • Crash bar
  • Door contact
  • Hinge
  • Door closure
  • Horn

Troubleshooting Door Issues

As the first responder to the door issue, there are steps the BSC should first complete that will determine how the issue should be addressed.

Utilize Genetec Security Desk – Door Activities to better understand the problem occurring at the door. For training on Door Activities, you may view the training video .

Based on what you find in the report, use the triage information here to assist with troubleshooting.