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TigerOne Mobile ID for Apple

What is the TigerOne Mobile ID for Apple?

The TigerOne Mobile ID is your Official University ID conveniently located in your Apple Wallet! After adding your TigerOne Mobile ID to your Wallet, simply tap your iPhone or Apple Watch at readers on and off campus for building access, meal plan usage, Campus Rec, libraries, retail locations and more!

How do I get the TigerOne Mobile ID?

  1. Visit the TigerOne Online Credential Selection module to select your mobile device type and upload your photo.
  2. On your supported device, download the GET Mobile app from the App Store.
  3. Open the Get app and select Search All Institutions.
  4. Select Clemson University in the school list.
  5. Log in using your Clemson credentials, and then complete the DUO authentication.
  6. Create a PIN.
  7. Select the “Add to Apple Wallet” button. Then select whether you would like to add the TigerOne Mobile ID to your iPhone or Apple Watch. You may add the ID to both device types.
  8. Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  9. The ID will now be available in your Wallet. You do not need to keep the GET app for functionality of the TigerOne Mobile ID.

Helpful Tips

To ensure you have the best experience utilizing your TigerOne Mobile ID in the Apple Wallet, review these tips. 

  1. You do not need to double tap the side button to pull up your TigerOne ID in the Apple Wallet like you do with other cards in the Wallet. In fact, this could cause misreads at readers with quick transaction times, like the dining halls. Simply tap the top of your phone to the middle of the reader without pulling up the Wallet. Our readers are specifically looking for the TigerOne ID so they do the work themselves!
  2. If you are having issues where the TigerOne ID requires you to authenticate with your Face ID, Finger ID, or Passcode before it will complete a read, check your Express Mode settings. First open your Wallet app and select the TigerOne ID. Then click the ellipsis or 'i' in the top right to reach the back of the card. Ensure Express Mode is on. If it is on but you are having the issue still, toggle it off then on again. Then, go to your Settings app and select the Face ID & Passcode setting. On this setting toggle the Wallet and Apple Pay setting (it doesn't matter if this setting is off or on, but toggling it will resolve the issue). 
  3. If you share an iCloud account with another Clemson user, you will NOT be able to add the ID to your iPhone. You must have your own iCloud account to provision the TigerOne ID to your Wallet. 

How Does the TigerOne mobile id work?

The TigerOne Mobile ID features the “Express Mode” transaction experience. For TigerOne ID readers, a user is able to approach the reader with a dark screen on their iPhone or Apple Watch without needing to authenticate via Face ID or Touch ID. Express Mode enables an extremely fast, frictionless experience designed for campus use.



TigerOne Mobile ID for iPhone

Tap the phone's top to the reader.  You do not need to wake up the phone as long as express mode is activated. Some phone cases can block the use of NFC. If your Mobile ID is not reacting, try removing the case to ensure this is not the cause of the issue.


TigerOne Mobile ID for Apple Watch

Tap the face of the watch to the reader. You do not need to wake up the watch as long as express mode is activated.

How do I transfer my mobile id to a new device?

Transferring your TigerOne Mobile ID to a new device is simple. There is no charge for transferring your TigerOne Mobile ID.

Visit the TigerOne Online Office to begin the reset procedures.

If you are transferring from an Apple device to another Apple device, select Reset iPhone Mobile ID or Reset Apple Watch Mobile ID. After five minutes, go to the GET Mobile app on your new device and select Add ID to phone button.

If you are transferring from an Android device to another Android device, select Reset Android Mobile ID. After five minutes, go to the GET Mobile app on your new device and select the Add ID to phone button.

If you are transferring from an Apple device to an Android device or vice versa, select Switch Mobile ID to Android or Switch Mobile ID to Apple and follow the instructions provided after selection.

For full instructions on how to install and operate the GET Mobile app, please visit our support pages for Apple and Android.

Frequently Asked Questions