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Building Access

Your TigerOne ID is your key to campus. By carrying your TigerOne ID with you on campus, you help foster a secure environment and ensure a seamless experience with University building access. While some buildings are open to the public without ID access, throughout campus, you will encounter various access control readers that will require you to tap your TigerOne ID to gain entry.



Many academic and public spaces on campus have open hours where every student, employee and affiliate may gain access to the buildings using their TigerOne ID without the need for requested access. However, other more secured facilities will not automatically allow you access without previously requesting this from the Building Security Coordinator (BSC). If you find that you need specific access to a secured building or need access to an open building for a broader timeframe, contact the BSC. BSC contact information is listed on the Facilities webpage.


All students, employees, and affiliates are expected to utilize the TigerOne ID to enter secured facilities. Entering a locked building without scanning your TigerOne ID to gain access, such as tailgating behind other authorized individuals or requesting someone open the door, is strictly forbidden. 

Building Hours

All Students, Employees and Affiliates gain access to most Academic Buildings during their open hours. View the hours of access for Academic Buildings here.

Request Building Access

Identify and contact the Building Security Coordinator to request access.

Troubleshoot Access Issues

Review best practices on how to present your credential and ensure it is loaded properly onto your device.

BSC Support

Building Security Coordinators can visit the support hub to learn how to request assistance.