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Clemson Ice Cream
'55 Exchange

Where Tradition Flavors the Future! The '55 Exchange is a student-run business enterprise that designs, manufactures, sells, and serves Clemson’s world-famous ice cream, shakes, coffee chillers, fresh cold brew coffee, smoothies, and other Clemson products like blue cheese and t-shirts. Made possible by a generous gift from the Class of 1955 all revenues generated through this student-led entrepreneurial center go to support Clemson students and their academic and professional training.

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From Our Scoop to Your Stoop

Nationwide Shipping 6-Pack Pints

We have suspended our online sales and shipping program due to inconsistencies with our dry ice supply chain. As soon as we can correct our supply chain issue, we will relaunch our online ordering system. We apologize for this inconvenience and look forward to serving you in the future.

Handcrafted by College Students™

Our ice cream is made by students at Clemson that have a passion for good food. From flavor creation to scooping your pints, students have had their hands on every step of making Clemson's yummiest ice cream and frozen desserts. Crafted with you in mind, our bold and adventurous Wild Tiger™ signature flavors are an expression of the enduring Clemson Spirit while our Classic Original flavors represent our Agricultural Heritage and the Clemson Family!

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“As the student manager for Special Projects, I gained a greater understanding of how the food science field actually works – not just head knowledge and facts from a classroom, but real understanding that comes from in-person experience. Crisis management, time sensitivity, and critical decision-making can’t be taught in a classroom, but I learned all of these things through my responsibilities at the ’55 Exchange.”

Sam Lopane
BS 2017, MS 2018
R&D Science and Technology Manager at Freshly/Nestle

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Stop In For Something Sweet

The '55 Exchange is Clemson's very own student-run ice cream enterprise. We are dedicated to producing consistently delicious, high-quality products and are proud to run a self-sustaining business that engages students in all aspects of the operation, from manufacturing to sales. Whether your sweet tooth prefers ice cream cones, smoothies, sundaes, shakes, or a fresh cold brew coffee, we've got you covered!

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Group of smiling coeds eating ice cream at Clemson Ice Cream.
Clemson Ice Cream - '55 Exchange
Clemson Ice Cream - '55 Exchange | 720 McMillan Rd, Clemson, SC 29634