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Clemson Ice Cream - '55 Exchange


Our Process


Batches so small, our production line is called a ‘microcreamery’! Every week Clemson students make this ice cream in six-gallon batches, one flavor at a time.

What it means to you? A lot, it turns out. Crafting our ice cream by the batch allows us a level of quality control that you don’t get with big box brands. To us, it looks like our incredibly high standards being met each time. To you, it looks like creamy, rich, flavorful perfection in every bite!


The Scoop on Our Two Ice Cream Lines

students in the production process of creating ice cream

At 55, we carry two lines of ice cream, our Wild Tiger® line and our Classic Original. Each is a reflection of our motto…Where Tradition Flavors the Future!

wild tiger logo

Wild Tiger®

With the creation of our bold and adventurous Wild Tiger® signature flavors, we’ve embraced the cause of saving tigers around the word. Anchored in our time-honored values of integrity, honesty, and respect, our Wild Tiger® signature flavors represent the ideals of sustainability, global engagement, and the Clemson Spirit.

Established by Clemson’s Class of 1955, the 55 is a student-run enterprise that produces #1 Ranked University Ice Cream in the country (College Magazine).

55 logo

Classic Original

Clemson ice cream’s honored tradition began when Clemson was an all military Agricultural and Mechanical College with a focus on advancing opportunities for farm families in rural South Carolina. Each of our Classic Original flavors represent traditions like the Great Ice Cream Military Hoax, Military Heritage, Howard’s Rock, and the Clemson Family.

Established by Clemson’s Class of 1955, the 55 is a student-run enterprise that produces #1 Ranked University Ice Cream in the country (College Magazine). The favorite of Clemson Tigers and anyone that loves great ice cream!

Featured Story

Student Spotlight On

Meet Hunter Clayton, ’18 graduate of Clemson’s food science and human nutrition program. Find out how this west coast transplant found herself starting behind the counter at the 55, moving on to Creative Inquiry classes, and eventually landing one of the sweetest jobs as a research and development scientist for one of the most popular up and coming ice cream brands in the county.

Hunter's Story
Hunter Clayton sitting outside eating ice cream
Clemson students dressed up to reenact the old ice cream hoax

All In Good Fun

The Great Ice Cream Military Hoax

There are a few things every University is big on—tradition, school spirit, and a good practical joke on the incoming freshman every now and again. Check out the Sweet Swindle, and how we’ve been carrying on this tradition for nearly one hundred years.

The Sweet Swindle
Clemson Ice Cream - '55 Exchange
Clemson Ice Cream - '55 Exchange | 720 McMillan Rd, Clemson, SC 29634