Get Ahead.

  • Conduct Research in Summer 2016 at Clemson University, South Carolina
  • Stay on track in Summer 2016 at Clemson University, South Carolina
  • Graduate Early in Summer 2016 at Clemson University, South Carolina

Summer Session is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of all your academic options at Clemson. You can delve into a course you’ve wanted to explore but didn’t have time to take during the regular semesters. Sharpen your skills and conduct research in a Creative Inquiry class. Put all your energy into a difficult course while it’s the only one you're taking. Or, plan to stay on track for graduation and scholarships by getting ahead in your course work. Don’t let the convenience of Clemson Summer Session pass you by!

Interested in studying at Clemson as a visiting student during Summer 2016?

If you are a student who is currently enrolled at another institution and you wish to take a summer sessions class (i.e., online or on-campus) from Clemson University, you will need to complete the steps listed on the Registrar's Site for "Transient Students":

Please be aware that application deadlines are as early as May 4, 2016. A complete list of application deadlines can be found on the Registrar's site listed above.

(Note: Summer courses, fees and housing choices will be updated for 2016 as they become available.)

Summer Session Dates

Summer 2016
May 11 - August 1

First Summer 2016
May 11 - June 17

Second Summer 2016
June 22 - August 1

Summer Minimester A 2016
May 11 - May 30

Summer Minimester B 2016
May 31 - June 20

Summer Minimester C 2016
June 21 - July 11

Summer Minimester D 2016
July 13 - August 1