Summer Sessions

Students are encouraged to register for summer courses early and pay their bill immediately; this helps to reserve a spot in the courses they wish to take. Colleges and departments may cancel course offerings with low course enrollments.

A student’s summer bill reflects registration for all courses taken during any 2019 summer session (i.e., First Summer, Second Summer, etc.)  Payment for all summer classes is due May 8th. This includes classes that are being taken during First Summer, Second Summer, Minimester A, B, C, and D. Adding classes or changing the number of credit hours after the initial due date will affect students bills. Payments for those changes are due immediately. If you registered for a summer class, but no longer plan to attend, be sure to drop the class to avoid being billed. Students are responsible for all associated fees for classes in which they are registered, regardless of attendance.

Payment Methods: Log in to iROAR to pay by:

  • e-check at no additional charge
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express (a non-refundable service fee of 2.85% of your payment will be assessed for all credit card payments)

Student Refunds: Refunds from excess financial aid or overpayments are generally processed once a week beginning on the first day of class. eRefund is the preferred refund method, giving students faster access to funds. Refunds made by check are mailed to the home address. Sign up for eRefund in the ‘My Bill’ section of iROAR. 

Optional Fees: Add optional health fee, summer meal plan or money on Tigerstripe through May 14 on iROAR. To add a meal plan or make a Tigerstripe deposit, visit the TigerOne Card Office online or in person at the Hendrix Center.