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Student Financial Services

Withdrawal or Drop Adjustments and eRefunds

What Are Withdrawal and Drop Adjustments of Academic Fees

Student Financial Services processes academic and departmental tuition and fee adjustments. The following situations may result in an adjustment, pending the transaction occurring before the appropriate deadlines:

  • Change in a full-time student's schedule, which results in reclassification to part-time status.
  • Change in a part-time student's schedule, which results in fewer credit hours.
  • Withdrawal from the University.
  • Cancellation of a class by the University.

Because several offices may be involved in finalizing your adjustment, the process may take 1-2 weeks to complete. 

You can read more about academic fee adjustments in the Policy for Withdrawal or Drop Adjustment of Academic Fees.

If you plan to drop a class or withdraw from all of your courses, we may need to calculate an academic fee adjustment. To understand what portion of your bill you are responsible for covering, you should review the Withdrawal or Drop Adjustments Calculations and Periods.

What Are eRefunds

Student Financial Services will refund a credit balance on your student account after your bill is satisfied. You should sign up for eRefund, which is a direct deposit of your refund to the bank of your choice. eRefunds are available to students and parents who have taken out a Federal Parent PLUS Loan.

Learn more about how to set up your eRefund account: