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Student Financial Services

Paying Your Bill

Billing Information

Student bills are available exclusively online through iROAR. To view and pay the bill, log in to iROAR, go to the "Student Billing" tab and click the "My Bill" link.

Fall semester bills are released in mid-late July. Spring semester bills are released mid-late November. Summer bills are released mid-late April. Due dates will be posted online. Students can log in to iROAR using their username and password. Authorized users can access the student bill using their own username and password through their unique login.

The online bill reflects the student's current registration and billing information. Because the bill is real-time, students can verify that all fees are satisfied before the payment deadlines. If your fees change for any reason after your initial payment (i.e., housing adjustment, meal plan addition, change in schedule, etc.), you are responsible for promptly paying the balance. You must log in to iROAR to view your current charges and payment status.

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Payment Due Dates

Student Financial Services sets a due date each semester for when the bill must be satisfied. If payment is not received by the published due date, a late fee may be assessed and the student's schedule is subject to cancellation.

  • For Fall and Spring terms, the late payment fee is $150.
  • For Summer terms, the late payment fee is $75.

Summer 2024

All payments must post to the student's account by May 8, 2024. Summer bills will be available on April 22 to view and pay via the student's iROAR account. If you add a course after the due date, you must make a payment immediately.

  • You can pay online through iROAR with an eCheck at no additional service charge, or by credit/debit card with a 2.95% service fee for domestic credit/debit cards and a 4.25% service fee for international credit/debit cards.
  • Credit balances are automatically refunded and may not be carried forward to future terms. Learn how to set up your eRefund.
  • A late fee may be assessed when payment is received after the due date.
  • Unpaid student accounts are subject to class cancellation.

Optional Fees

Optional fees may be added (through the first day of class) by logging into iROAR, clicking on the Student Billing tab and clicking on the "Optional Fees" link under the Student Billing tab. Students or parents may deposit up to $2,500 per semester to students' Tigerstripe accounts through the Student Financial Services office. For deposits above $2,500, please contact the TigerOne Card Office.

Books are not included on the student bill. Students who purchase their books through the Clemson Barnes & Noble bookstore will need to pay directly to the bookstore.

You will select your meal plan via the Clemson Home Portal.

All students with a Clemson University user ID and password (who can log on to the University's computer network) must purchase their parking permit with a credit card or choose to add it to their tuition and fees through the Parking Services Website.

Common Questions

Managing Past Due Accounts

Students are required to pay their bills by the due date each semester. If the bill is not satisfied by this date, a $150 late fee may be added to your account. You are also at risk of having your class schedule canceled for non-payment. Should your schedule be canceled for non-payment, a $150 re-registration fee is assessed if you re-add your course(s).

Please contact Student Financial Services if your account is past due, your schedule is canceled due to non-payment or a financial hold has been placed on your record. You may reach them by phone during phone hours at 864-656-5592 or by email to make arrangements to satisfy the financial issue with your account. 

If you still owe a balance at the end of the term, you cannot use Federal Title IV Financial Aid to pay for prior term balances. Students must pay their prior-term balances to be eligible for any subsequent Federal Title IV funds. Private loans or scholarships may be used to pay for prior-term balances. Please contact Financial Aid by phone during phone hours at 864-656-2280 or by email at for additional information.