College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities



The Clemson faculty appreciates the full range of ceramic form, and encourage the innovation and progress of the clay medium. Students are exposed to methods that service both functional and sculptural creation. Instruction focuses on work habit and self criticism, as well as the development of a thorough awareness of current and historic efforts in the field. Clemson offers a Ceramic technology course that explores glaze creation and kiln design. These skills are meant to enhance a students understanding of their medium and facilitate fine-tuned expression.

The faculty fosters community building activities for student participation. The collaborative firing of the Vatagama kiln attracts ceramicists from all over the south. Along with learning the anagama firing process, students get to meet professionals in their field.

Students are also offered the opportunity to attend the annual NCECA conference.

Ceramics Facilities and Equipment

• Clay and Glaze materials that cover a range of temperature, color and surface 
• Brent Electric wheels 
• 24” Brent Slab Roller 
• 30” Bailey Slab Roller 
• An Extruder 
• Blue Bird and Soldner Clay Mixers 
• Spray Booth 
• Compressor 
• 60 cubic ft car kiln 
• Alpine 30 cubic ft updraft 
• 2 fiber Raku kilns 
• 40 cubic ft soda kiln 
• numerous electric kilns (both large and small)
• 200 cubic ft Anagama wood kiln located in a picturesque, wooded location off-campus