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Public Art

Public Art Program

Clemson University's Public Art Program features the works of nationally recognized artists. We are dedicated to exploring opportunities where public art becomes woven into the campus environment.
All artwork selected for projects will be intellectually engaging while demonstrating qualities that elicit questions and prompt discourse. Artworks are site specific and are commissioned through a competitive process. 

Guiding Principles


Clemson Public Art's mission is "To create a new paradigm for the implementation of site specific public art that capitalizes on a cross-disciplinary and inclusive approach, that is predominately student driven"

"By students, for students..."

Guiding Principles For Site-Specific Public Artwork

  • All artwork implemented for campus projects will be reflective of, and not independent of, the qualities and attributes of affected programs and their internal programming.
  • All artwork implemented for campus projects will be located in a manner that thoroughly considers the aesthetic and spatial properties of the site in which it will be located.
  • All artwork will reflect aspects of the programmatic disciplines involved along with their related research areas. Artwork acknowledging a broad spectrum of interpretation; literally, abstractly and otherwise will be considered.
  • All artwork selected for campus projects will be intellectually engaging, demonstrating qualities and attributes that elicit questions and prompt discourse.
  • All artwork for the campus will be, in part, determined through a process oinclusivity so that individuals impacted by the placement of artwork are accounted for.
  • All artwork will take into consideration the public arena in which it operates and will in no manner have the potential to cause physical harm.


Joey Manson

Art Department Clemson University Clemson, SC 29634 Phone: 864-656-3881 Email:

About Joey Manson
Joey Manson
Clemson Visual Arts
Clemson Visual Arts | 2-121 Lee Hall, Clemson, SC 29634