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Meet the Team

Atelier InSite is a Creative Inquiry project that implements public artwork on the Clemson University Campus.

It capitalizes on a cross-disciplinary and inclusive approach that is predominantly student driven. Our goal is to create a new paradigm for the administration of public art on university campuses.

Row of icons, each depicting a piece of public art on Clemson’s campus.

“By Students, for Students”

The word Atelier is derived from the French word meaning "workshop" or "studio. Atelier describes the atmosphere and attitude towards the installation and development of public art on campus.

Meet the Creative Inquiry Students

Our creative inquiry team has engaged students representing all of the 5 colleges on campus: Agriculture, Forestry, and Life Science; Architecture, Arts, and Humanities; Business and Behavioral Science; Engineering and Science; and Health, Education, and Human Development. These departments come together in our team collaboratively working in a predominantly student driven class for the implementation of public art on the campus of Clemson University. Creative Inquiry is an initiative at Clemson University that engages students at the Undergraduate level in applied research.

Headshot of Allie

Allie Glavey

"My name is Allie Glavey, and I am a senior architecture major with a minor in art. I chose to join Atelier InSite because I feel that public art is a very important aspect of campus, and I wanted to be a part of that process."

Headshot of Bailey

Bailey Phillips

"My name is Bailey Phillips, and I am a senior Visual Arts major with an emphasis in drawing. I am from Greenville SC, and I chose to be a part of Atelier InSite because I wanted to take part in the public art on Clemson’s campus."

Headshot of Ross

Ross Mackenzie

"I am a senior Architecture major with. I joined Atelier because I think it would be really fun to have a part in the art that is displayed on campus. To me Clemson as a whole doesn’t focus on art enough, so being a part of that change and help leave that mark on campus is something I’m very interested in. 

Headshot of Asnsleigh

Ansleigh Sapp

"My name is Ansleigh Sapp and I’m from Oceanside, California. I am a senior BFA student with an emphasis in photography. I joined Atelier InSite because I wanted to work creatively with others and make a difference on campus through public art. "

Headshot of Kat

Kat Eaves

"I’m Kat Eaves and I am from Powdersville, SC. At Clemson, I am a senior BFA student studying Visual Arts with a minor in Film Studies. I joined the Atelier InSite team in 2019, because I wanted to play a role in installing, promoting, and maintaining public art on campus. I’m passionate about art being accessible to everyone and engaging with the community through public art! "

Headshot of Susan He

Susan He

"I am a junior Architecture major with a minor in art. I joined Atelier because out of my first two years living on campus, I interacted with the art on campus on a near daily basis. I was curious about the process as to how the art gets installed and the process. As this is my first semester in Atelier, I hope to have a hand in the presence on campus and feel more involved.

Headshot of Peyton

Peyton Riddle

"My name is Peyton Riddle and I am a senior Marketing and International Management student minoring in Brand Communications and Political Science.  I love being a part of a group that works toward creating collaboration and inclusivity around campus in such a creative way.  This year looks a little different than it did last year, but we are making the most of our work nonetheless!"


Team Alumni

  • Megan Hueble - Visual Arts
  • Stan Jones Jr. - Architecture
  • Caroline Berry - Marketing
  • Lauren Konopka - Visual Arts
  • Allie Glavey - Architecture
  • Tyndall Faucette - Management
  • Jordan Wright - Visual Arts
  • Nicole Embree - Visual Arts
  • Kate Comen - Visual Arts
  • Addie Coward - Visual Arts
  • Shelby Compton - Visual Arts
  • Guy Benjamin - Visual Arts
  • Amanda Hazell - Visual Arts
  • Caroline Herring - Visual Arts
  • Aimee McShane - Visual Arts
  • Michala Stewart - Visual Arts
  • Mary Jo May - Visual Arts
  • Connor Makris - Visual Arts
  • Samantha Tivinia - Visual Arts
  • Hailey Nelsen - Accounting and Finance
  • Cody Miller - Visual Arts
  • Lainee Craft - Visual Arts
  • Mackie Seabrook - Visual Arts
  • Nicholas deBessonet - Architecture
  • Trey Daniel - Architecture
  • John Murphy - Visual Arts
  • Reginald Wilson - Architecture
  • Hannah Cartee - Visual Arts
  • Lauren Ambuhl - Landscape Architecture
  • Nicholas Day - Architecture
  • Casey Bunda - Visual Arts
  • Samantha Duggan - Architecture, Art Minor
  • Stephen Farrow - Bioengineering
  • Evan Mathis - Accounting
  • Kaitlyn Vaughn - Visual Arts
  • Alexa Bernal - Visual Arts 
  • Monica Magcalas - Architecture
  • Savannah Sargent - Psychology
  • Jed Donkle - Visual Arts 
  • Tianna Brown - Marketing
  • Margot Caruso - Health Science
  • David Lamm - Visual Arts 
  • Antonio Bezerra - Architecture, Art Minor
  • Joshua Hunter - Civil Engineering
  • McKenzie Fletcher - Visual Art 
  • Simone Wilson - Visual Art 
  • Clair Dias - Architecture
  • Jessi Helmrich - Visual Arts
  • Susan Kaplar - Visual Arts 
  • Austin Ott - Visual Arts 
  • Bre Bethea - Visual Arts 
  • Ashley Wright - Visual Arts 
  • Jonathan Windham - Horticulture
  • Victoria Tanenbaum - Biological Sciences
  • Emily Sorgenfrei - Visual Arts 
  • Chipper McCall - Visual Arts
  • Gracie Lathrop - Visual Arts 
  • Amy Justice - Biological Sciences
  • Mariana Hay - Visual Arts 
  • Jena Heaton - Visual Arts
  • Kep Pate - Visual Arts 
  • Debbie Jacobs - Biological Sciences
  • Ashley Davis - Visual Arts 
  • Zachary Collier - Biological Sciences
  • John Garofalo - Computer Engineering
  • Brittany Lamont - Health, Art Minor
  • Regan Carson - Visual Art 
  • Chi-Chen Lee - Visual Art 
  • Kayla Smith - Spanish and Health
  • Jeremy Hartz - Architecture 
  • Nathan Devol - ME, Art Minor
  • Lexi Mathis - Visual Arts
  • Sabra Buckaloo - Chemical Engineering
  • Madison Osborne - Visual Arts
  • Milena Heuer - Architecture
  • Rebekah Warren - Visual Arts 
  • Emily Tucker - Visual Arts 
  • Caitlin Cullen - Visual Arts 
  • Alex Hicklin - Economics 
  • Catherine Tyler - Graphic Communications
  • Torrean Smith - Visual Arts 
  • Rhomy Oehrig - Visual Arts
  • Hannah Cupp - Visual Arts
  • Courntney Cox - Architecture
  • Rachel Mangan - Visual Arts
  • Anna Sullivan - Visual Arts
  • Adrienne Deiparine - Architecture
  • Barry Tucker - Visual Arts
  • Casey Bunda - Visual Arts
  • Margaret Carnes - Visual Arts
  • Kendall Massey - Architecture
  • Holly Rizer - Visual Arts
  • Nicole Cantrell - Visual Arts
  • Joseph Alewine - Visual Arts
  • Eric Hicks - Architecture
  • Chase Mitchum - Economics
  • Miciah Pendarvis - Visual Arts
  • Carrie Bull - Visual Arts
  • Amanda Royaards - Marketing
  • Cayla Turner - Architecture
  • Nathan Steele - Architecture
  • Ethan Turner - Architecture
  • Anna Walker - Graphic Communications