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Department of Art

Summer Classes

Get Ahead with Summer Art!

There are several options for you to take art classes this summer. Whether you're a Clemson art major, a Clemson non-art major, or a non-Clemson student…you can take art classes. We designed summer classes with you in mind. The Department of Art is excited to provide you with a variety of courses online this summer in Digital Art and Design Foundations, Graphic Design, and Art Appreciation. 


  • • All students and majors are welcome - there are no restrictions!
    • Work toward an Art Minor (15 credits) or advancing your graduation date
    • ART 2100 Art Appreciation is designated for both Non-Literature and Cross Cultural Awareness (CCA) General Education requirements.
    • The state of SC allows in-state undergraduates taking 12 or more credits to use one of the semesters for Life or Palmetto scholarships.


Summer I
AAH 1010 Survey of Art and Architectural History I
ART 1510 Foundations in Visual Art I 

ART 1520 Foundations in Visual Art II (in person)
ART 2100 Art Appreciation
ART 2150 Beginning Graphic Design
ART 3150 Graphic Design
ART 4150 Advanced Graphic Design

Summer II
ART 1550 Foundations in Digital Art
ART 2100 Art Appreciation
ART 2150 Beginning Graphic Design
ART 3150 Graphic Design
ART 4150 Advanced Graphic Design

Long Summer 
ART 4890 Art Internship (requires pre-approval of instructor)

If you're interested in acquiring an Art Minor, please consult this worksheet.


Lori Gugan / Administrative Coordinator,


Registration for Summer School classes begins April 10.
Late enrollment by May 15 for Summer I and June 27 for Summer II. 

Click here to check for class availability.  

See Financial Aid for Summer School information.


I'm not a Clemson student. Can I take a art summer class? Yes!

Students from other institutions who wish to enroll in courses during the summer only are considered transient students. Students from other institutions may only enroll during the Fall or Spring semester if they follow transfer procedures. 

Accepted transient students who apply early will be mailed information on registration and advance payment. Late applicants must sign up for courses and pay during the late enrollment period. 

The Transient Student information and application are available online.  


If you are enrolled in a degree program at another institution and wish to take courses to transfer to that institution, you may enroll at Clemson upon receipt of the Certification of Transient Graduate Admission. This form must be received six weeks before the beginning of classes. Please see the information regarding Clemson's registration procedures

Department of Art
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