College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities



In the first years of the BFA curriculum, foundation drawing courses offer students a core of skills needed to succeed in the Visual Arts program. Through their four years at Clemson University, art students use drawing to generate ideas, to study the surrounding physical world in a critical and intense manner, and as a means of expression and communication. Through observational drawing practice, students gain a broad base of techniques and approaches that hone perceptual skills and develop aesthetic sensibilities.

At the Beginning level, students start working with complex objects, spaces and still-life. A thorough grounding in linear perspective techniques is present in the first-year curriculum as students learn to understand and translate the underlying structures of forms. This is followed by the introduction of the human figure at the Intermediate level. At the Advanced level, drawing becomes experimental and thematically driven. Students are presented with drawing problems that further challenge and build their skills. At all levels of drawing, students have the opportunity to produce drawings that explore creative ideas and subjects of personal interest.

In accordance with contemporary trends, drawing is appreciated within the Department of Art as a complete art form. Students may choose to concentrate in drawing during their Senior Studio year and graduate study in drawing is also offered. Drawing can be defined as the result of any tool that makes a conscious and expressive mark on a surface; this definition encompasses an expansive range of possibilities.