College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities


Ripple - student work in Greenville, SC

At Clemson University, we view painting as a vital contributor to the contemporary art making dialogue. Through formal and conceptual development we cultivate visual literacy. The painting curriculum guides students through traditional and contemporary modes of painting. As contemporary painting is born out of many of rich traditions we seek to cultivate versatile students who can contribute to the future of art making.

Student research in painting is supported by a substantial network of facilities. Well-lit and well-ventilated studios are outfitted with easels, sinks, and storage. A fully facilitated woodshop and computer lab enable student production, while the Gunnin Architecture Library provides extensive visual arts resources. Like all areas in the Clemson Art Department, students have opportunities to work closely with professors from ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture. With small class sizes, students receive both personal and diverse feedback from the art department faculty.

The department is further enhanced by a visiting artist schedule, which recently included Eleanor Heartney and Alexis Rockman. Other opportunities, like group trips to New York and Italy offer rich learning experiences that help students understand the global context of fine art.