College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities


Students work in a darkroom

Photography students are trained in traditional black and white photographic processes as well as digital photography. Initially processes are emphasized in order to facilitate technical learning. As skills develop they are instructed to consider individual aspirations and to venture into new ideas and content. Photography benefits from a community work space. The adjoined darkroom and classroom facilitates camaraderie and group problem solving. This community environment is further emphasized through critique sessions, where students can articulate their efforts and mentor one another.

The undergraduate photo lab features a traditionally equipped darkroom. Students also have access to an Epson large format printer housed in the Photo studio. The graduate photography area has individual darkrooms and large format printers as well.

Students are advised to attend conferences in their area of study and photography is no exception. The Art Department provides some resources for attending conferences, including the Society for Photographic Education and the College Arts Association. Clemson photography strives to foster a community of cooperation as well as individual styles.

Photography Facilities and Equipment

• Darkrooms with 4x5 enlargers 
• JOBO processor 
• NUARC plate-burner 
• UV exposure unit 
• 4x5 and 8x10 view cameras 
• Basic lighting equipment 
• Mac Lab with industry standard photo editing software 
• Mini DV video cameras 
• Gunnin Architecture Library with access to digital cameras, camcorders, film, flatbed scanners and large format color plotter 
• Wifi throughout campus