College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities


Work by MFA alum Jennifer Miller

Our printmaking facilities at Clemson are suited to meet the goals and objectives of the BFA and MFA degrees. We have a large renovated space two doors over from the main art building, which greatly increases our square footage, giving us a small student gallery, separate facility for photo processes, a critique space, a digital area, and a ventilated space for acid trays. In addition to our new and improved studio, we have been fortunate enough to acquire a variety of presses and equipment.

Our equipment accommodates both traditional and contemporary printing techniques. New materials are acquired according to student interests and needs.

The lab provides students with solvents, inks, newsprint, rollers and brayers. In addition to the computers and digital editing equipment in the lab, students can access digital cameras, camcorders, computers, flat bed scanners and a large format color plotter on campus.

Printmaking Facilities and Equipment

• Vandercook letterpress 
• Wright Etching Press (26” x 48”) 
• Takach Litho Press (33 ½” x 60”) 
• Rembrandt Litho Press (26” x 48”) 
• Takach Litho Press (with automatic tympan system) 
• Custom built 5 x 8 foot Etching Press 
• Large format printing 
• Silkscreen facilities