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Tutoring is morphing to support online instruction. We will continue to offer the online tutoring format until in-person classes resume. Instead of visiting one of our tutoring locations in-person, connect with us virtually. Many providers will support chat, video, or audio. Information on how to connect with each tutoring provider is listed below.

Tutoring Services Will Resume Shortly

Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTA)

UTA sessions offer group tutoring led by academically gifted former General Engineering students called Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (UTA). Since the UTAs attend and participate in a section of the course they are tutoring, they understand what concepts are being covered, where students may be struggling and can offer additional practice outside of class.

Programs for Educational Enrichment and Retention (PEER) and Women in Science in Engineering (WISE)

PEER/WISE offers small group tutoring by peers who have successfully completed the course and been recommended by a faculty member. Group size varies based on demand. Sessions will resume, soon.

Residents in Science & Engineering (RISE)

If you are participating in the RISE program you should receive an email with instructions on how to access RISE tutoring services, soon.

Contact if you have trouble connecting.



Academic Success Center

Tutoring services will resume through Zoom. To set up a Zoom account, please visit the Clemson Zoom site.