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Highlights from 2010

Faculty and Staff Achievements

Professor Warren Adams received the Clemson University 2010 Alumni Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research

Professor Robert Taylor served as Assistant Chief Reader at the Advanced Placement Reading for Statistics

Associate Professor Taufiquar Khan and Visiting Assistant Professor Irina Viktorova lead an interdisciplinary research team in a joint effort with ITRON Inc., a leading technology provider and critical sourse of knowledge to the global energy and water industries.  The team will be developing information theory and noise models for complex power systems networks with mathematical techniques for increasing efficiency and cutting costs for an optimal "smart grid" network

Professor Shuhong Gao received two NSF grants

Assistant Professor Herve Kerivin collaborated with Telecom Bretagne on Multicriteria optimization problems during a three month funded visit to France

Assistant Professor Hugh MacMillan was named the American Mathematical Society Congressional Fellow for 2010-11 and will spend the year in Washington DC on mathematical advisory work

Assistant Professor Jan Medlock published "Protecting the Herd from H1N1" in Science and received national recognition for the modeling of the optimal distribution of limited vaccine

Professor Warren Adams was awarded a $250,000 NSF grant.  "Collaborative research:  Reformulation - Linearization Technique for Discrete and Continuous Nonconvex Optimization with Application," (Hanif Sherali from Virginia Tech was awarded an additional $150,000 on this collaborative effort between the two universities

Associate Professor Calvin L. Williams served on the Advisory Board of COSEE

Kris Hunnicutt received a Classified Staff Award at the annual CoES awards banquet

Graduate Student Achievements

Abigail Bowers contributed a research talk in the special session on "algorithm analysis, design and computation for turbulent flows" at the 2010 SIAM annual meeting in Pittsburgh

Mariah Magagnotti contributed a poster in the student poster session at the 2010 SIAM meeting in Pittsburgh

Catherine Trentacoste received NSF funding for airfare, housing and per diem to participate in the research program in Arithmetic Geometry held in Barcelona Spain at the Centre de Recerca Mathematica

Chris Johnson was funded for one month of research study at the Hausdorff Research Institute for Mathematics in Bonn Germany

Rodney Keaton and Vincent Rusnell participated in MSRI summer school on elliptic curves

Justin Peachey presented his research and attended the Soria Summer School in Computational Mathematics in Soria Spain in the summer of 2010

Frank Volny presented a research talk at the 35th International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (ISSAC '10) in Munich Germany

Lori Layne presented a research talk entitled "Stability Properties of Biologically Relevant Boolean Functions" at the Cha-Cha Days conference at College of Charleston

Wittawat (Gift) Kositwattanarerk presented the research paper "On irreducible pseudocodewords of binary parity - check codes" at the 2010 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory in Austin Tx

AP Workshop

AP Institutes in Calculus and Statistics for High School Teachers, July 2010
Meaghan Riemer Congratulations to Meaghan Riemer recipient of the Samuel Maner Martin Award at the CoES Awards Ceremony 2010
Virginia Ahalt Congratulations to Virginial Ahalt recipient of the Best Junior in the Sciences award at the CoES Awards Ceremony 2010 
Stephen Henry Congratulations to Stephen Henry recipient of the Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant award at the CoES Awards Ceremony 2010
Ben Cousins Congratulations to Benjamin Cousins a 2010 recipient of the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship.

REU 2010

Research Experience for Undergraduates Computational Number Theory and Combinatorics
May 16 - July 10
Clemson Calculus Challenge Clemson Calculus Challenge, April 9, 2010


PAlmetto Number Theory Series XII
February 20-21, 2010
charlie kirkwood Charlie Kirkwood October 10, 1913 - October 24, 2009.  Memories by Joel Brawley