Department of Mathematical Sciences

Jennifer (Joyce) Young Annual Memorial Scholarship

Jennifer Joyce Young

The Jennifer (Joyce) Young Annual Memorial Scholarship was established in loving memory by her parents, Mike and Marina Joyce, to provide scholarships to upperclassmen majoring in Mathematical Sciences at Clemson University. The first scholarship was awarded in 2013 to Andrew Bell.

Dr. Jennifer (Joyce) Young was an amazing young woman, researcher and teacher who overcame the adversity of being legally blind to teach, inspire, and mentor her colleagues and students.  A graduate of the University of Delaware and UNC-Chapel Hill, she was most recently a postdoctoral fellow at Rice University.  Dr. Young was on a one-year deferment to become an assistant professor at Clemson University in the Department of Mathematical Sciences when her accidental death occurred June 19, 2012. (A more detailed history).

Procedure for Application and Awards:  Upper class (rising juniors & senior) undergraduate students majoring in the mathematical sciences program at Clemson University are encouraged to apply prior to March 1st by

  • submitting an essay (max 300 words) which describes the path for their chosen career in the mathematical sciences with comparisons and/or contrasts with the events in Jennifer (Joyce) Young's career path.  Submit essay to Dr. Mark Cawood.

The selection committee will consist of faculty members from the Department of Mathematical Sciences.  The award will be announced at the Department's Honors and Awards Ceremony which occurs annually, typically in April.  The recipient must be a citizen of the United States.

Contributions.  Interested parties can contribute to the Jennifer (Joyce) Young Annual Memorial Scholarship electronically at or obtain additional information for providing contributions by contacting the Clemson University Foundation,