Department of Mathematical Sciences

Financial Support

There are several types of financial support available for students in the Mathematical Sciences graduate programs. Each type of support is awarded to qualified students on a competitive basis. Continuation of all support is based upon satisfactory progress towards degree. (The following dollar amounts are current as of Fall 2013.)

Graduate Student Office

Assistantships and Fellowships

Graduate Teaching Assistantships are the most common type of financial support for departmental graduate students. The duties usually entail teaching two or three undergraduate courses per academic year or serving as a teaching assistant in a large section of a course. Master's students normally receive graduate teaching assistantships for two consecutive academic years and one summer session, which is the typical time required to complete their degrees. The current stipend for two semesters and both summer sessions totals $17,000.

R.C. Edwards Research Fellowships and Graduate Alumni Fellowships are awarded by the Graduate School. The department nominates candidates who compete with other nominees throughout the university. These fellowships currently pay $5,000 to $10,000 per academic year in addition to the assistantship granted by the department. Fellowships require no explicit duties. Applicants to our department have been quite successful in winning these awards in recent years.

Research Assistantships are available to graduate students through research grants and contracts held by faculty members in the department. These assistantships require approximately twenty working hours per week (one-half time). They often pay a somewhat higher rate than the teaching assistantships and are awarded based on availability and the qualifications of the recipients.

SC Graduate Incentive Fellowships are available to minority graduate students. These renewable awards are $5,000 or $10,000 for doctoral students.

Tuition and Fees

Graduate Assistants pay a flat fee per semester (currently $1030), which is substantially lower than the regular cost of tuition and fees ($4184 for in-state students and $8335 for out-of-state students). The flat fee of $1030 includes the semester medical fee ($150), which entitles students to all the medical services of the Student Health Service including a complete pharmacy. The usual graduate assistant course load is 9 credit hours per semester. Approximately $500 per semester is needed for textbooks and supplies.

Specific information concerning tuition and fees can be found in the Graduate School Catalog.


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