Department of Mathematical Sciences

Recent Graduates

A Sampling of Recent M.S. Graduates

M.S. Projects
Initial Employment

Solution Approaches to the Path-Preservation Cutset Problem

Satellite Systems Engineer, Lockheed Martin Management and Data Systems

Optimal Server Positioning on Trees


Implementation of Multiple Criteria Dynamic Programming Procedures for Affordable Decision Making

Scientific Research Corporation

Statistical Analysis of Penaeid Shrimp Toxicity Values

Database Marketing Analyst, Rodale, Inc.

Automating External Radiation Beam-On Time Using Statistical Techniques

Risk Analyst, Bank USA

Differences in Intrauterine Growth Retardation in Cocaine Exposed Newborns

Greenville Hospital System, Medical Research Division

An Introduction to Numerical Modeling of Stock Options

Milliken & Company

A Computational Study of Reverse Ordering Heuristics for Minimum Chordal Supergraphs

Software Engineer, Sparta, Inc.

Bayesian Inferences

Bank One

Generalizations of Eisenstein's Criteria for Irreducibility of Polynomials

Instructor, Bob Jones University

Mapping the South Carolina Botanical Garden

Quantitative Business Analyst, First USA Bank

A Comparison of the Effects of Ordering Policies and Shipping Rules on Inventory Levels

The Acacia Group

Lucent Technologies' Overclad Inventory System

Software Engineer, Lucent Technologies

Using Multicommodity Networks to Model a Manufacturing Distribution System

Sonoco Corporation

Modeling Health Maintenance Factors: A Study in Breast Cancer Prevention

Lockheed Martin

Clemson Experimental Forest Trail Inventory

Information Specialist, IBM

Recognition of American Sign Language from Video: A Neural Network Approach

Software Engineer, Image Processing, Sabre Systems, Inc.

Signed Graph Clutters and the Set Covering Problem

Operations Research Specialist, Virco Mfg., Inc.

Assessing Child Growth: Nonlinear Modeling Issues

Research Analyst, Axiom Corporation

Structured Neural Networks with Performance Guarantees

Ericsson, Inc.

Distributed Shortest Path Algorithms in Communication Networks

Systems Engineer, IBM

Change Points in Nonparametric Regression

Milliken & Company

Real-Time Lathe Operator Dispatching

Software Technology, Inc.

Vibration Suppression of Simple Space Station Models Using Position and Velocity Feedback

Naval Air Systems Command

A Sampling of Recent Ph.D. Graduates

Ph.D. Dissertations
Initial Employment

Norm-Based Evaluation and Approximation in Multicriteria Programming

Information Technology Specialist in Information Management, BMW

Root-Based Polynomial Compositions over Finite Fields

Davies Fellow, NRC/ARL/USMA Fellowship

Methods of Feasible Directions for Nonlinear Programming: Theory and Algorithms

Analyst, J.D. Edwards

Solution Approaches for a Multi-Dimensional Scheduling Problem in the Apparel Industry 

Analyst, Technology Strategy, Inc.

Quantifying Error in the Analysis of Partitioning Interwell Tracer Tests

Analyst, Solipsys Corporation

Full-Load Truck Routing with Time Windows

IBM, Heidelberg

Some Issues in Nonparametric Regression Inference

Talus Solutions, Inc.

An Investigation of Aggregate Extensions to the Capacitated Lot-Sizing Problem

Statistical Consultant, Health Products Research, Inc.

Minimax Optimal Control of Steady State Systems

Analyst, Solipsys Corporation

Estimation and Hypothesis Testing for a Mixture of Two Univariate Normal Distributions

Statistician,  Micron Technology, Inc.

On a Class of Steiner Systems and Their Codes

Instructor, International Academy for Science, Math and Humanities, Ball State University

Rankings and Minimal Rankings of Graphs

Computer Programmer, GTE

Norm-Relaxed Methods of Feasible Directions

Melita International

Approximate Solutions of the 3-D Helmholtz Equation as Applied to Underwater Acoustic Propagation

College of Charleston

Control Charts for Multiple Stream Processes

Grand Valley State University

Stochastic Models for Workstation Utilization

GE Capital Mortgage Corporation

Development and Stability Analysis of Algorithms for Robust Pole Assignment of Linear Multi-Input Systems

Piedmont College

A Numerical Analysis of Richards' Equation for Unsaturated Porous Media Flow

Project Scientist, HydroGeologic, Inc.

A Study of Local Polynomial Regression

Health Maintenance Management Consultants

Simultaneous Inferences on Variances

University of North Florida

Domination Parameters of Line Graphs of Designs and Variations of Chessboard Graphs

Gainesville College

Permutation Polynomials on Unions of Algebras with Applications to Symmetric Matrices

Kennesaw State College

Combinatorial Approaches to Energy, Economic, and Allocation Problems

IBM Research

Stochastic Orderings of Processes Associated with M/G/1 Queues

Kennesaw State College