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John Farmer, a Junior Physics major, is a winner of the Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship.

SC Governor's Award for Excellence in Scientific Research --  Congratulations to Apparao Rao who has won the 2014 Governor’s Award for Excellence in Scientific Research. The award will be presented 1 May in Columbia, SC.

Antony Valentini's work is featured in the 29 March New Scientist cover story.

Public Shows in the Planetarium -- Tuesdays at 6:00 pm. Contact the department (864) 656-3416 for reservations.

The latest issue of our department newsletter, Schrödinger’s Tiger, is now available on our website. Read it here: Schrödinger’s Tiger - Fall 2013.

Three post-doctoral fellowships in Biology of Human Diseases. The Departments of Physics and Astronomy, Biological Sciences, and Genetics and Biochemistry at Clemson University are seeking three exceptionally talented new investigators, who hold a PhD in relevant fields. This unique opportunity exists for PhD graduates and postdoctoral fellows with a special interest in “The biology of human diseases: mechanisms, diagnosis, and personalized medicine”, who aspire to become tenure track faculty in the near future.  More information is available here.

Public Lecture: History of the Universe from the Beginning to End, by 2006 Nobel Laureate in Physics, Dr. John Mather (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center). 28 Nov 2012, 7:00 pm, Self Auditorium, Strom Thurmond Institute. Reception follows.

See Photos from the Transit of Venus from Tuesday 5 June 2012 in the Carillon Garden.

NASA Launched Five Rockets with Clemson Payloads in Five Minutes. On 27 March 2012, NASA successfully launched five suborbital Terrier rockets eighty seconds apart from Wallops Island, VA. These carried the Anomalous Transport Rocket Experiment (ATREX) led by Clemson Professors Miguel Larsen and Gerald Lehmacher. The rockets released trimethyl aluminum tracer at precisely timed intervals to track the winds at altitude 65 miles and above. more ›

Marc-Andre Schaeuble, a Junior Physics major from Germany, won a Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship. Marc does research on precision measurements of the abundances of elements in stars with Dr. Jeremy King.

Priyanka Bhattacharya was named the Outstanding Graduate Researcher in the College of Engineering and Science, and has received the Clemson University Outstanding Graduate Researcher Award for 2012. She has also been awarded the Linus Pauling Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship with the Pacific Northwestern National Laboratory. She works in Biophysics with Dr. Pu-Chun Ke, and is the co-author of eight refereed journal papers.

Ryan Schurr was named the Outstanding Senior in Science in the College of Engineering and Science, for his excellence in course work and in his research in biophysics.

Professor Peter McNulty has been elected a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, “for contributions to radiation-induced soft errors in microelectronics”. 

Terry M. Tritt, Alumni Distinguished Professor of Physics at Clemson University, has been elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society, the scientific society's highest member honor. The award cites his "career-long contributions to the science and engineering of thermoelectric materials, the industrial application of that knowledge, and the education and promotion of numerous young scientists and engineers." more ›

Congratulations to Dr. Apparao Rao on his election to the rank of AAAS Fellow. Each year the Council elects members whose "efforts on behalf of the advancement of science or its applications are scientifically or socially distinguished." Dr. Rao is being honored for distinguished contributions to carbon science, particularly fullerenes and carbon nanotubes through synthesis and Raman spectroscopy, and elucidating their structure-application and fundamental properties.



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