Department of Physics & Astronomy


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Invited Speakers
  • D. Bodewits
  • G. Ghisellini
  • J. Greiner
  • J. Kennea
  • S. Komossa
  • C. Kouveliotou
  • A. MacFadyen
  • J. Miller
  • A. Moretti
  • P. O’Brien
  • B. Petersen
  • G. Schwarz
  • A. Soderberg
  • J. Tueller

Abstracts for the conference can be found in PDF format here: Abstracts.

Abstract Submission

Abstract submission is closed. The following is for informational purposes only.

Abstracts can be submitted to:

When you submit an abstract to the above email address, please use the following file as a template:


The deadline for abstract submission is September 15, 2011.