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2017 1098-T forms will be available via iROAR on January 31, 2018

Your 1098-T is available for download through the student billing page in iROAR. You will need Adobe Reader version 8.X or higher. If your form does not download or there are no values on your form, you may need to revise your browser settings. Please see Adobe Help for more information.

Helpful Hint:  If you'd rather not change your browser setting, try saving the form image to your desktop and close your browser. Then, open the file saved on your desktop by right clicking the icon and choosing open with Adobe Reader. The image does not contain your entire social security number.

What are qualified tuition and related expenses? Qualified tuition and related expenses are tuition and fees a student is billed for enrollment or attendance at an eligible educational institution.

Examples of "qualified" expenses include:

  • Academic Fee
  • Matriculation Fee
  • Activity Fee
  • Technology Fee
  • Software License Fee
  • Lab Fees
  • College of Business Course/Major Fee
  • Library Fee
  • Career Center Fee

Examples of "non-qualified" expenses include:

  • Health Fee
  • Housing Fee
  • Optional Fees (meal plan, Tiger Stripe, parking permit, yearbook, post office box, etc.)
  • Transit Fee
  • Campus Recreation Fee

How Clemson reports: The IRS gives institutions of higher education the option of reporting either payments received (Box 1) or qualified charges billed (Box 2).  Clemson University reports qualified charges billed (Box 2) to the student's account within the calendar year (January 1 - December 31). This may include Spring 2017, Summer I & Summer II, Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.

For the 2017 tax year, students' 1098T forms may or may not include amounts from a Spring semester, depending on when they registered for their classes. Most students register for the Spring semester in November, making those charges eligible to report/claim during the calendar year in which they were billed.

For more information, please see instructions from the Internal Revenue Service.

Resources for parents/students: Please refer to IRS Publication 970 for information on the federal tax benefits that may be available. You may also find information regarding your tax questions on the IRS website,

Additionally, there is a SC state tuition tax credit which may be available. Information can be found at You should consult with your tax advisor about all educational benefits and credits.

Note:  If you did not submit an SSN/TIN at the time of admission to Clemson, you will receive requests to provide the SSN/TIN prior to December 31.  You should complete the substitute Form W-9S and either deliver it in person, or forward it along with supporting documentation to:

Clemson University
Student Financial Services
G-08 Sikes Hall
Box 345307
Clemson, SC 29634-5307

If you do not provide an SSN/TIN, Clemson University will be unable to report it on your 1098T form. Please note that it is possible for the IRS to impose a penalty on any individual who is required (but fails) to supply an SSN/TIN to Clemson.

Instructions on filing your 1098-T

Our Student Financial Services counselors are not qualified to offer tax advice.

The Student Financial Services office may be reached at 864-656-5592 or by email for assistance with explaining the fields on the 1098T form.