Regional Stormwater Outreach in Beaufort County

The Beaufort County Stormwater Management Utility has now partnered with Carolina Clear and Clemson Extension to begin a regional stormwater education and outreach program that builds on the efforts of the county, towns and cities, and many agencies and organizations dedicated to water resource protection. This partnership has been formed because the groups working together recognize that each individual’s actions can have positive or negative effects on water quality, and that an educated and aware public is a critical best management practice for the protection of Beaufort County’s immense acreage of rivers, estuaries, marshes, wetlands and beaches.

Communities partnering in this effort include the following: 

  • Beaufort County;

  • Town of Bluffton; 

  • Town of Hilton Head Island; 

  • Town of Port Royal Sound; 

  • *City of Beaufort (soon to be a partner in this regional effort).

A plan for outreach has been assembled that reports on efforts proposed for Clemson Extension, Clemson Carolina Clear, and the Port Royal Sound Foundation. That plan can be downloaded here.

Additional partners are being sought to reduce duplicity, strengthen messages across the region by ensuring consistency, partnering on education efforts and capitalizing on each person’s or agencies’ strengths. To get involved, please contact Laura Lee Rose at or Katie Giacalone at

This is just a first year of establishing partnerships and increased awareness, but there are years of work ahead of us to create that more aware public and target commercial audiences, who have adapted sustained behavior change to better manage our shared water resources.

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