Cater's Lake Cater's Lake Park in Anderson is the focus of a restoration effort being conducted by Clemson Extension and the City of Anderson Recreation and Stormwater Departments. Visit this page to stay updated on current projects and events taking place there.

B2 - Breathe Better
An anti-idling program for clean air! Get information to promote no idling zones.

Barrels & Sheds
Paint a rain barrel and learn about watersheds and water conservation. Go "blue" with rainwater harvesting!

Car Wash Kits & Automotive Packets
Hosting a car wash fundraiser? Get a car wash kit, including Gilli's Car Wash Tips flier. Have an auto shop? Get a packet of recycling information.

Carolina Yards
Create an environmentally friendly yard one inch at a time! Learn about composting, rain gardens, native plants, and more with the Carolina Yardstick Workbook and Finn's Yard Care Tips flier.

FOG Packets
Fats, Oil, and Grease (FOG) clog; no FOG down the drain! Get a packet of information for your home, school, or restaurant.

Green Steps Schools
This is an environmental education and action initiative that recognizes schools in South Carolina who take annual sustainable steps toward becoming more environmentally responsible. Work on projects to Conserve, Protect, and Restore and become a Green Steps School!

"Litter"acy Campaign
Hosting a litter pickup? Get supplies and learn how litter affects our environment.

Pet Waste Projects
Keep bacteria pollution out of our waterways by picking up pet waste. Get information on pet waste bags and stations, including Finn's Pet Waste Tips flier.

Rain & Drains
Mark storm drains in the community and learn about water pollution. Storm drains are only for rain!

Interested in a presentation on stormwater pollution prevention for your organization?
We offer educational programs for children, adults, and technical audiences, including schools, scout troops, homeowners associations, garden clubs, and water quality interest groups. Programs are offered free of charge.

For more information:
Rachel Davis, or (864) 359-3385
   Charly McConnell, or (864) 421-5340


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