ClemsonThe Clemson Institute for Economic and Community Development is uniquley positioned to meet the needs of South Carolina communities through research, education and outreach.  At CIECD, we believe that each community in South Carolina holds the keys to its own future. It is not experts who are needed at this point in time, but partners: partners who will listen, stimulate, and inspire. Partners who will engage with community organizers to collaborate in revitalization efforts that the community decides are essential.

We connect the resources of Clemson University, and other agencies, to the needs of South Carolina communities. We are committed to improving the quality of life in South Carolina. There are three major "umbrellas" under which the different programs of the CIECD are housed: Community Outreach, Institute Initiatives, and Research. Community Outreach programs are programs we have been asked to conduct by the communities that are our stakeholders. Institute Initiatives are programs that we have initiated to fill a particular need. Research is the development of new information that can be used to help grow communities.


  • Develop and support capacity building and leadership development programs for communities that enable and empower wealth creation.
  • Foster results-oriented collaborations for building the capacity for community and economic development.
  • Provide cutting edge research-based information for community decision-making.
  • Provide critical conceptualization and visioning facilitation to communities utilizing innovative and cutting edge techniques and technology.
  • Support environmental sustainability through training and information sharing with partners and communities.
  • Establish a methodology for involving under-graduate and graduate students in CIECD and Sandhill programs as well as county extension offices.
  • Provide primary and applied research to communities addressing issues related to growth.