ecomSmall businesses all around the world are using the Internet to increase sales, secure new markets for their goods and services, and locate and contract with suppliers --- all to increase their viability in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.

e-commerceSC, an educational program being delivered by the Clemson Institute for Economic and Community Development, helps small businesses participate in the global knowledge economy by exploring and developing e-commerce strategies that complement their overall business operation and by helping them to be more informed consumers of website development and hosting services.
e-commerceSC is designed to help small businesses, including those wanting to develop their first website to those who want to improve an existing one or to more effectively integrate the Internet into their business operation.

The program will teach what small businesses owners what they need to know about electronic commerce including how to...

  • use the Internet as a business research tool.  Discover new markets,  suppliers, and assess the competition,
  • enhance current or establish a new web presence,
  • design an optimal e-commerce business strategy,
  • plan the implementation of your website, including how to effectively work with consultants and service providers, and
  • learn how to incorporate the Internet into an overall business plan and marketing strategies.

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