Gussie Greene Technology Center

The Gussie Greene Technology Center is designed to instill marketable skills that today's workforce demands in those seeking employment. The quality of life of those assisted is improved because the center offers access to the many sources of information available on the Internet to those that rnay have been unable to access them. The technology Center is currently in the North Charleston community of Chicora/Cherokee and put together in cooperation by Charleston Linux Users Group, CURI, Comcast, City of North Charleston, and the Lowcountry Association for Model Communities. Clernson donated the computers, the city provided the building and staff, Comcast provides free Internet service and the Linux group provides technical support.

These collaborative efforts culminate in classes offered two nights a week with an open hours lab during the week in order to provide residents of the neighborhood become active members in the information age. While the programs are primarily offered fcr 20 to 50 year old residents, all ages have participated and the technology center is equipped far implementation in other neighborhoods in need throughout the area.

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