Adopt a Bone Program

Velociraptor Adopt a Bone Program
We NEED your support!

Are Dinosaurs living today?!
Our newest exhibit will focus on the fascinating relationship between dinosaurs and birds, (living dinosaurs), and the origins of flight.
We need your help to bring it all to life!

When you adopt a Velociraptor bone, you will help the Bob Campbell Geology Museum to create one of its most exciting exhibits yet, and your name will be included as part of the exhibit!

If you’d like to show your support by adopting a Velociraptor bone, please fill out the form below and mail it to the address on the back of this form or contact Allison Jones at 864-656-4602 or by email. Please remember that availability of bones is limited.

Adopt-a-Bone Options:

SKULL $700 & LOWER JAWS $500

VERTEBRAE (individual): $50 each
   cervical (neck), 8-9 available
   dorsal (back), 13-14 available
   sacral (hips), 3-4 available
   caudal (tail), 36-40 available
   furculum (wishbone) $100, 1 available
   sternum (interclavicles) $50, 1 available

   vertebral (side) ribs$100, 26-28 available 
   gastralia (belly) ribs $50, 26-28 available

PELVIS BONES: $200 each, 2 of each available
ilium (upper portion), ischium (rear bone) & pubis (lower, front bone)

LIMB BONES: $200 each, 2 of each available 
scapula (upper shoulder), coracoid (lower shoulder), humerus (upper arm), radius (fore-arm ), ulna (“funny bone”), femur(thigh), tibia (large shin bone), & fibula (small shin bone)

HAND BONES: $50 each
   carpals (wrist bones), 8 available
   metacarpals (hand bones), 6 available
   pre-claw phalanges (finger bones), 12 available
   claws, 6 available

FOOT BONES: $50 each
   astragulus (upper ankle) & calcaneum (lower ankle), 2 of each available
   metatarsals (foot bones), 10 available
   pre-claw phalanges (toe bones), 18 available
   claws, 8 available

To view a pdf version of this flyer please click here - Adopt A Bone