What to Send to GSS

All proposals reviewed by GSS will require the following information, unless sponsor guidelines specify otherwise:

  • Scope of Work (Proposal Narrative)

  • Itemized Budget

  • Itemized Budget Justification

  • All forms, appendices, etc requested by the sponsor's guidelines

  • Proposal Processing Form signed by the Principal Investigator, co-Principal Investigators, and Department Heads (GSS is responsible for obtaining the Dean level signatures).

If one of these requirements is not needed, GSS will notify the principal investigator. Otherwise, all of the above elements are required. If they are not present, the proposal will take considerably longer to process, as the missing elements will have to be obtained.  It is the intent of GSS to help increase the quality of proposals submitted. We strive for a good relationship with principal investigators throughout the pre-award process in order to expedite final reviews and submission authorization.

Proposal information is to be submitted to GSS at least four (4) working days in advance of the deadline. This is to ensure enough time for GSS staff to review and obtain the appropriate university approvals.

Electronic submissions via FastLane (NSF), email, www.grants.gov, and other online grant systems will be directly submitted to the sponsor by GSS or OSP and are not to be submitted by the principal investigator.

For more information about the time required for GSS processing, please review our Timeline Policy.