Environmental Effects of Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials: 2010


August 2010
Sunday 22 - Thursday 26

Shortcourse: Sat 21 and Sun 22

Engineered nanoparticles and nanomaterials offer many potential socio – economic, health and environmental benefits as a result of novel properties and behavior that materials can exhibit when manufactured at the nanoscale. While the production of nanomaterials is undergoing exponential growth, their biological effects and environmental fate and behavior are relatively unknown.  

Nano 2010 will provide a venue for presentation and discussion of current research on these issues.  The interdisciplinary mix of environmental scientists, toxicologists, material scientists, and engineers should provide for a robust discussion in a creative atmosphere. This meeting is the fifth annual international meeting on this topic following the success of previous meetings held in the United Kingdom and, most recently, Nano 2009 held in Vienna.

The format for this meeting will provide opportunity for both platform and poster presentations. In addition, there will be poster discussion sessions. Daily invited speakers will provide global perspectives on environmental research with nanomaterials. Nightly dinners and entertainment will extend the days activities enjoying true southern hospitality and award-winning cuisine.

The venue for the meeting will be the Conference Center and Inn at Clemson University located on Lake Hartwell in Clemson, SC, USA. The facility is ideal for hosting this meeting and should provide attendees with both a productive environment as well as enjoyable surroundings.