Dr. Brian Ward, PhD

Research Specialist III

Email: bw@clemson.edu

Office: 843-402-5399

Coastal Research and Education Center, Charleston, SC

1995 Auburn University, Environmental Biology, BS
2011 Clemson University, Horticulture, PhD

Dr. Ward serves as a Research Specialist III and conducts a multitude of both conventional and organic research activities. Dr. Ward’s conventional research involves conducting annual variety trials on cantaloupe, processing tomato, sweet corn and peppers. Dr. Ward is charge of the Organic Research Farm at CREC and is an organic specialist in crop rotations that benefit soils, grains and vegetables. There is wide variety of audiences of Dr. Ward’s research including extension, growers, industry and students at the high school, collegiate and beginner grower levels.

Research interest:
Dr. Ward’s research focus is primarily in sustainability of organic agricultural systems. Precision fertility management in organic vegetable and small grain production is of vital importance that Dr. Ward focuses on and shares with growers. He is also interested in bio-based fertilizer production and flame based weed suppression. Future research is ongoing with the development of a steam sterilization system that works in place of fumigation to sustainably sterilize soils of weed seed, disease and nematodes.