Summer Internships

Image depicts student summer workers.

Each summer the Edisto R.E.C. typically hires 15 to 20 high school and college students to help with Research and Extension projects.  Most of the students are interested in either Biology or Engineering.  Many of the jobs involve extensive work in the fields monitoring diseases, insects, nematodes and weeds.  Others include working with the Ag Engineers of the Precision Ag Team to develop new sensors and equipment.  Most jobs allow the students to get first-hand experience in agriculture, engineering or science.

Jobs range in pay from $7.25 an hour to $10.00 an hour.  All jobs require a valid South Carolina driver’s license.  You must also undergo a security check to be eligible.  Jobs are listed beginning in mid-February at the Clemson University job home page.  All applications must be submitted electronically through this page.  Look below to see our current summer interns.