Anthony J. "TJ" Savereno

Extension Associate, Wildlife Biologist



Office: 843-519-0475

Pee Dee Research and Education Center

M.S., Wildlife Biology, Clemson University
B.S., Biology, Fairmont State College

Management of wildlife, forestry, ponds, and other natural resources at Pee Dee REC. Natural resource research and education.

Research interest:
Production of seed of native groundcover plants associated with native ecosystems. Research and demonstration of Farm Bill Wildlife Conservation Practices. Utilization of Switchgrass and other Native Warm Season Grasses as Biofuel Feedstock and Wildlife Habitat. Research and Demonstration of Longleaf Pine Reestablishment on Cutover and Old Field Habitats.

Savereno, A.J., L.A. Savereno, R. Boettcher, and S.M. Haig. 1996. Avian behavior and mortality at two power lines in coastal South Carolina. Wildl. Soc. Bull. 24(4)636-648.

Savereno, L.A., A.J. Savereno, R. Toettcher, and S.M. Haig. 1996. Avian species composition and movement rates in two coastal habitats near Charleston, South Carolina. Chat 60(2):29-43.

Haig, S.M., L.A. Savereno, A.J. Savereno, and R. Boettcher. 1994. Effects of the Isle of Palms 115-kv transmission line on avian mortality and behavior. Final project report submitted to South Carolina Electric and Gas Company, Columbia, SC. 74 pp.

Savereno, A.J. 1991. Movements of and habitat selection and use by eastern bluebirds. M.S. Thesis, Clemson University, Clemson, SC. 97 pp.

Savereno, A.J., and T.T. Fendley. 1990. Feral hogs on the Savannah River Site: A Review of Herd History and Characteristics with Recommendations for Management. Technical Report to the University of Georgia's Savannah River Ecology Laboratory, Aiken, SC. 127 pp.

Professional society activity:
The Wildlife Society (TWS) - Certified Associate Wildlife Biologist
The Longleaf Alliance (LLA)
South Carolina Vegetation Management Association (SCVMA)
South Carolina Partners for the Restoration of Native Plant Communities