Simpson Beef Cattle Farm

Image depicts cow eating grass. The mission of the Beef Cattle Farm is to provide cattle, facilities, support and technical assistance for the teaching, research and extension programs of the Animal and Veterinary Sciences Departments and The College of Agriculture, Forestry and Life Sciences.

About the Simpson Beef Cattle Farm

The Beef Cattle Farm is basically a cow calf operation. The cow herd graze fescue during the spring and fall, Bermuda grass during the summer and is fed hay, corn silage or graze winter annuals during winter. Cows begin calving in January and end in March. Breeding begins in April for Heifer and cows. Calves are weaned in September. After weaning replacement heifers are retained, calves are assigned to other research projects and surplus calves are sold. The cattle are marketed through:

  • Purebred Breed Sales
  • Clemson and Edisto Bull Test Sales
  • Clemson Replacement Heifer Sales
  • Retained Ownership of steers sent to Hitch II Feeders; Garden City, KS, to be fed, marketed, and carcass data collected
  • Brown Packing Plant; Gaffney, SC
  • Taylor Livestock Auction; Anderson, SC
  • Martin and Martin Livestock; Anderson, SC

The cattle at the farms are:

Purebred cows 100
Angus Purebred heifers 41
Purebred calves 88
Hereford Purebred cows 18
Hereford Purebred heifers 5
Hereford Purebred calves 18
Crossbred SM x AN cows 156
Crossbred SM x AN heifers 33


The Beef Cattle Farm is located on the Simpson Experiment Station and Operates on approximately 1000 acres for grazing and hay production. The Beef Cattle Unit teaching facility is located at the Brick Barn.

1648 Cherry Street
Pendelton, SC 29670
Office: (864) 656-3678
Fax: (864) 656-0276

Gary Burns, Manager