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The mission of Research Farm Services (RFS) is to support the agricultural research, teaching, and public services of Clemson  University in an efficient and effective manner while maximizing available resources!

Facilities include:

Clemson University's Dairy is Top 20!

Holstein USA's January edition of Holstein World included the annual listing of top BAA (breed age average) herds.  Clemson's LaMaster Dairy herd ranked 13th in the nation among all colleges universities with a BAA Score of 101.7%.  Clemson was one of only two southeastern land-grants to score over 101%, with Auburn's herd coming in at 16th.

Image depicts LaMaster Dairy staff.Congratulations to Steve Waggoner and the entire LaMaster Dairy Staff, who have worked very hard in achieving this ranking! “This was a team effort,” said Steve Waggoner, manager of the LaMaster Dairy Center. “We very proud of the dairy and the role it plays in teaching, research and helping dairy farmers build healthy and productive herds.” Left to right: Kent Whetsell, Ricky Tingle, Steve Waggoner, Mike Nichols, Ronnie Ducworth.

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