Starkey Swine Center

Image depicts pigs.The Mission of the Starkey Swine Center is to produce high quality animals for both the meat and bio-medical research markets, while supporting the research, teaching and public service activities of Clemson University.  This is accomplished while keeping all facilities fully SCDHEC licensed and AAALAC accredited.

About the Starkey Center

The Clemson University Starkey Center is a "Farrow-to-Finish" operation that breeds swine and gets them to market weight. Our average breeding herd consists of 100 females and 6 males, with several breeds represented. Our three main breeds are Duroc, Yorkshire, and Landrace with numerous crosses as well. The farm is a vital part of teaching and research for programs in Animal and Veterinary Science and other University departments. High quality swine are produced for commercial, biomedical, the Cooperative Extension Service, as well as Public Service Activities (PSA). The Starkey Center is also used to host a variety of youth-based activities, including 4-H and FFA, school field trips, and judging clinics.


The Starkey Center is located approximately 5 miles from the Clemson Campus. The farm consists of a classroom/office building, boar barn, two gestation barns, a two-room farrowing barn, four nurseries, and an old wing. The old wing houses a scale room, an exhibition area, and a finishing floor.


Lindsay Davis, Asst. Manager
210 Starkey Drive
Pendleton, SC 29670
Office: (864) 646-3629
Fax: (864) 646-2593