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Journal of South Carolina Water Resources

The Journal of South Carolina Water Resources is a peer-reviewed, open access publication that was established in 2013 by South Carolina Water Resources Conference planning committee members to enhance outreach efforts. The journal is published annually, and the digital format of the issues are available through the TigerPrints digital repository.

Limited print copies of the 2014, 2015 and 2016 issues are also available for $8 each. Please visit the South Carolina Water Resources store on Clemson Marketplace.


  • Consideration for the 2017 issue is closed. The issue will be published in December.
  • The Call for Articles for the 2018 issue will be announced in spring of 2017.
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The aim of the Journal of South Carolina Water Resources is to provide a forum for articles about the condition of South Carolina's water resources, with the goals of influencing science-based management decisions and heightening awareness of our water resources. Accepted submissions must successfully pass through a 3-step peer review process in order to be published. We encourage authors to consider this forum as an outlet to communicate information and results from their work on advancements in water science, policy, management and law pertaining to South Carolina. Basic experimental and discovery science; policy analysis; developments in water and environmental law management issues; as well as case studies, are welcome submissions to be considered for publication. South Carolina is a water-rich state, and as our population and economy continue to expand, access to reliable and clean water resources is critically important for the resiliency, health and well-being of South Carolinians. Wider knowledge and awareness of the issues is of utmost importance to protect and make the most of our water resources.

- Editor (2014-2016), Timothy J. Callahan, Ph.D. - College of Charleston

2016 - Volume 3, Issue 1

South Carolina’s Climate Report Card
The Historic South Carolina Rainfall and Floods of October 1-5, 2015
Hope Mizzell, Mark Malsick, and Wes Taylor

Development of Extended Unimpaired Streamflow Records in the Saluda Basin, South Carolina
Alex Pellett, John Boyer, Nina Caraway, Tim Cox, Joseph A. Gellici, Scott Harder, Andy Wachob, and Kirk Westphal

Hydro-meteorologic Assessment of October 2015 Extreme Precipitation Event on Santee Experimental Forest Watersheds, South Carolina
Devendra Amatya, Andy Harrison, and Carl Trettin

A Policy Lens of South Carolina Coastal Stormwater Management
Lori A. Dickes, Jeffery Allen, Monika Jalowiecka, and Katie Buckley

Adjusting NRCS Curve Number for Rainfall Durations Less Than 24 Hour
Michael E. Meadows

Climate Change and Water Resources in the Carolinas: Approaches to Applying Global Climate Change Information to Local Decisions
Kirsten Lackstrom, Gregory J. Carbone, Daniel L. Tufford, and Aashka Patel


ISSN 2334-4954 (print)
ISSN 2334-4962 (online)

Editor (2017-2019)
Devendra Amatya, PhD, PE
USDA Forest Service
Research Hydrologist

Previous Editor (2014-2016)
Timothy J. Callahan, PhD
College of Charleston
Professor and Chair- Geology

Managing Staff Editor
Dawn Anticole White, MMC
Clemson University
Program Mgr- SC Water Resources Center

2016 Editorial Committee
Jeffery S. Allen, PhD
Clemson University
Dir- SC Water Resources Center

Gwendelyn Geidel, PhD, JD
University of South Carolina
Dir- Environment & Sustainability Program
Research Professor- Dept of Earth & Ocean Sciences 

Noel M. Hurley
US Geological Survey
Assoc Dir- Water Science Ctr

Dwayne E. Porter, PhD
University of South Carolina
Assoc Chair & Dir- Graduate Studies
Dept of Environmental Health Sciences

Calvin B. Sawyer, PhD
Clemson University
Assoc Dir- Center for Watershed Excellence
Asst Professor- School of Agricultural, Forest & Environmental Sciences

Thomas M. Williams, PhD
Clemson University
Professor Emeritus- Forest Hydrology