2014 SCWRC Video

Day 1 Plenary - Legislative and Business
Day 1 Plenary - Q&A Session with Donna London
Day 2 Plenary - Regulatory and Nonprofit Agencies Day 2 Plenary - Q&A Session with Donna London
Special Session - Murrells Inlet Watershed-Based Plan


Gene Eidson, SCWRC Co-Chair
Institute of Computational Ecology
George Askew, Clemson University
VP of Public Service & Agriculture
Tim Callahan, College of Charleston
SCWRC Planning Committee Member
Susan Jackson, Santee Cooper
Manager of Coal Combustion Residuals
David Baize, SCDHEC
Bureau Chief, Bureau of Water
Dyke Spencer, Powerdersville Water
Executive Director
Rick DeVoe, S.C. Sea Grant Consortium
SCWRC Planning Committee Member
Eric Strom, U.S. Geological Survey
SCWRC Planning Committee Member
Michael Childress, Clemson University
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences