A Great Place to Learn and Grow

Forest Foray 

The South Carolina Botanical Garden offers a variety of school and group programs designed for elementary-age students. Middle and high school programs are available by request. Learning at the Garden is inquiry-based and designed to engage students. Programs support SC science standards and can be custom-tailored to match a classroom topic.

The following are examples of some of the school and group programs:

  • Discovering Flowers
  • Plant Partners: Pollinators
  • Roots and Shoots!
  • From Seed to Harvest
  • Butterflies and Ladybugs
  • Forest Foray
  • Discovering Wildlife Habitats
  • Birds in the Garden
  • Life Cycles of Organisms

School and Group Tours 

For Geology Museum tours, please visit their website.
Contact Garden Educators for more information (scbg@clemson.edu) or call 864-656-3405 to schedule your next school or group Garden program!